How to integrate Play-Based Learning Pedagogy and Inquiry Models of Learning

“Thank you – this is the best, thought provoking professional development I’ve had in a long time”

“Thank you for an amazing day. It has been valuable and affirmed my practice as well as shown me where to go next”

This workshop is for teachers of senior primary school students looking to adopt a play-based learning approach appropriate to the developmental and cognitive stages of their
year 4 - 6 students.

Content will include:

  • What authentic play is and what it is not
  • Recognising and responding to the developmental stages of your students
  • Understanding the link between play—based learning in the Junior School and Inquiry models of learning in the Senior School
  • Examining the resources needed to respond to self-directed inquiry by students
  • Discussing the role of the teacher in integrating the need for Play with Inquiry
  • Planning, Assessment and Documentation of Play and Inquiry
  • Linking the curriculum to Play and Inquiry learning

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