Play Invitations: Inviting Students to Explore the Curriculum in Play

“Thanks for today. I gained some real insights into constructivism, choosing my language when responding to play, as well as some gems regarding planning invitations and writing learning stories. Have been thinking about some rituals I might begin and am interested in future play training! It was just wonderful to be part of this group and look forward to more adventures as an advanced practitioner in play”

Toni Howard, Matua Ngaru School, Auckland.

Play invitations are an important and intentional part of supporting students to extend on their ideas and interests while they play.

Teachers sometimes find it difficult to strike a balance between knowing what an invitation to play is and when they are ‘taking over’ children’s play ideas. This workshop expands on how to enable opportunities for students to connect with specific curriculum areas while engaged in child-directed play.

Content includes:

  • Defining play invitations
  • Invitations versus provocations
  • Sharing examples of play invitations
  • Types of play invitations
  • Planning your own invitation

This workshop is suitable for ECE and primary-based teachers of all levels who are beginning or well-established in their implementation of play practices.

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