Teaching and Learning through Play in the Junior Classroom

This workshop is not scheduled to be delivered face-to-face at this time.  Please see information below about how to engage with our online learning content.

“The best professional learning I’ve had in a long time packed into 6 hours!!!!”

“Thanks for Saturday, I loved it and my kids loved playing today and I loved seeing their imagination in action as well as some amazing social skills”

This webinar is designed for those beginning their journey into Play Based Learning in the Classroom. Covering the Year 0-3 level, we look at:

  • What the research says about play and how to effectively teach and learn through play
  • Aligning the NZ Curriculum with a play-based learning classroom practice
  • Understanding the developmental stages of your students and how to cater to their individual needs
  • Learning about functions of play and urges that guide our teaching and learning
  • Identifying these indicators within children’s play that suggest children are ready for a more inquiry-based approach to learning through play
  • How to begin assessing the skills and learning occurring during your student’s play activities

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