How do we know children are covering the curriculum when they play?

How do we track this coverage and ensure children are learning?

How do I know what I’m looking at when children play?

This workshop will grow and strengthen teacher curriculum knowledge and the application of this in support of play-based learning in the school setting.

Workshop Content

In this workshop, teachers will learn practical strategies to intentionally notice, recognise and respond to the New Zealand Curriculum within a play-based classroom context.  These strategies will include:

  • building wider curriculum knowledge and awareness outside of literacy and numeracy
  • identifying developmentally appropriate responses and support strategies to enrich children’s play opportunities
  • developing key assessment and documentation processes to ensure curriculum coverage
  • begin to understand the link between the notice, recognise, respond approach and play-based learning assessment practices

Workshop Details:

Time Commitment: Given New Zealand’s current CPF ‘Red Traffic Light’ level, this event is now being offered as a 2-part webinar*.

Webinar Session 1: 16 February 3.30 – 5.30 pm

Webinar Session 2: 17 February 3.30 – 5.30 pm

*Those unable to attend the live webinar will have access to the recorded content of each session for up to 30 days post-event.

Suitable for:

Primary school classroom teachers, team leaders, senior leadership, and itinerant teachers supporting the integrated development of the New Zealand Curriculum within play-based settings.


$180 + GST


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