Many teachers find it difficult to conceptualise how to balance childguided learning experiences
alongside the need for explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy.
.. intentional teachers identify the right mix of this combination by identifying
learning opportunities that are suited to peer collaboration (for example, childguided play or peermediated learning
opportunities); learning opportunities that require explicit adult instruction (for example, guided reading or small
group learning opportunities); or a timely mixture of learning experiences
(Aiono, McLaughlin & Riley, 2019, pp. 62)

This workshop supports teachers implementing a Structured Literacy approach to provide literacy rich play environments focused on ensuring child-led learning alongside the goals of the classroom literacy program.

Workshop Details:

We are currently offering this workshop as an on-demand webinar option only.

Watch this space – future face to face workshops and venues to be confirmed soon! 

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This workshop is suitable for:

Primary school classroom teachers, team leaders, senior leadership and itinerant teachers supporting the development of literacy and play based learning across the school sector.


$180 + GST