Achieving a balance of quality literacy instruction and assessing progress in a Year 0 – 3 learning-through-play environment

“Thank you so much for an enjoyable, inspiring & informative day! You are a joy to listen to & your passion for child-centred learning was so evident”

Ensuring literacy instruction occurs both explicitly and as an integrated part of a play environment is a creative challenge for teachers.

Documenting and analysing progress for all curriculum areas within a play environment is also a challenge for primary—trained teachers. How does this look? How is this managed?

This workshop will cover:
Teaching Literacy in a Play Environment:

  • Intentional Teaching of Literacy – what does this mean in a play environment?
  • Ensuring we provide a balanced literacy/play programme
  • Linking oral language and reading
  • What constitutes effective guided reading and writing – why this is important in a play based learning classroom.
  • Linking literacy with children’s developmental stages
  • Literacy invitations to play

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