Teaching Strategies Advanced Play Practices Workshop

Teaching Strategies: Advanced Play Practices Workshop

We’re introducing a very special workshop giving teachers the strategies to adopt play-based learning in their classrooms. This teaching workshop is designed for those who have previously attended all three Longworth Education levelled workshops and are looking for a challenge and extension to their teaching strategies.

Delve into the constructivist underpinnings of learning through play, critically examine how we really talk with children and how to walk alongside them in support as they play at school. Teachers will take away new ideas in responding to and extending the play opportunities in their classrooms, as well as understanding how best to track student progress across the curriculum.

Participants will join a supportive community of teachers, passionate about critically evaluating their teaching approaches. They will also share ideas, knowledge and experience as advanced practitioners in play-based learning.

This workshop doesn’t shy away from the hard questions and provides further teaching ideas for those wanting to implement effective teaching through play.

The next workshop is scheduled in Christchurch on March 5, 2020.  For information on our other teaching workshops throughout New Zealand and dates for this special event, visit our education workshop listings.

Teaching Strategies: Advanced Play Practices Workshop