This workshop is designed for those beginning their journey into Play Based Learning in the Classroom. Covering the Year 0-3 level

Play Invitations: Inviting Students to Explore the Curriculum in Play

Play invitations are an important and intentional part of supporting students to extend on their ideas and interests while they play.

Teachers sometimes find it difficult to strike a balance between knowing what an invitation to play is and when they are ‘taking over’ children’s play ideas. This workshop expands on how to enable opportunities for students to connect with specific curriculum areas while engaged in child-directed play.

Advanced Play Practices

Have you been teaching through play in a primary school setting for over two years?

Have you previously attended our three-workshop series (Foundation/Year 4, Nitty Gritty and Role of Teacher)?

Are you in need of inspiration and affirmation from like-minded professionals?

Then you may be eligible to attend our new workshop for 2019!

Teaching literacy in a Junior Play-Based classroom

Ensuring literacy instruction occurs both explicitly and as an integrated part of a play environment is a creative challenge for teachers.

Documenting and analysing progress ail curriculum areas Within a play environment is also a challenge for primary—trained teachers. How does this look? How is this managed?