Recommended Teacher Resource Feb 2020

Recommended Teacher Resource Feb 2020

Let the Children Play: How More Play Will Save our Schools and Help Children Thrive

Authors: Pasi Sahlberg & William Doyle

ISBN: 978-0-19-093096-7

Foreword by Sir Ken Robinson

We often receive requests by teachers for research or ‘proof’ as to why learning through play is so important for our school-age children.  This 2019 published book is a must read for teachers wanting to arm themselves with all the reasons why children should learn through play, and to build an understanding of the consequences for society if we continue to limit opportunities for play in our school environments.

With a foreword by Sir Ken Robinson, readers are provided with an overwhelming amount of recent research by well-considered play advocates and pioneers in the education system contrasting effective teaching that incorporate child-led play with moments of adult-guided learning and non-effective teaching in which children are educated in high-pressure, top-down learning models.  Readers are provided with examples of ‘play-experiments’ that reflect the authors’ desires to return children to their childhood and to let children play more in schools.  These examples include the New Zealand risky play experiment at Swanson School and the well established Playcentre movement.

For those new to play based learning, and for those who want to be further affirmed as to the power of learning through play, grab a copy through Book Depository or Amazon and share with your teaching teams and staff today.