Longworth Education Philosophy

“Play builds the kind of free-and-easy, try-it-out. do-it-yourself character that our future needs.”

James L. Hymes Jr.

We believe in the implementation of Learning through Play in the Primary Classroom.

This approach to learning is founded on sound research and the following principles:

  • Learning through Play is a developmental approach to a child’s learning
  • Learning through Play acknowledges that the child is in control of their own learning
  • The teacher supports, scaffolds and gifts new knowledge using intentional teaching methods
  • Learning occurs through a process of curiosity and inquiry, and as such cannot be segregated into isolated subject areas

We believe that learning unfolds naturally as children interact with the world around them. This means that:

  • The learner needs every opportunity to experience the outside environment
  • The learner should be given opportunities to develop an empathy, a sense of belonging and a connection with their outside environment

Longworth Education Vision

We aim through supporting schools in their professional learning journey to:

  • Encourage, inform and support all teachers who are intent on implementing a Learning through Play approach in their school
  • Provide the research and evidence to enable teachers to feel confident with implementing Learning through Play in their classroom
  • Inspire teachers to recognise that their learners can take control of their own learning and to have a new respect for the creative abilities of all children
  • Encourage teachers to promote and advocate for developmentally appropriate teaching practices and learning opportunities for all children in their school environment
  • Support schools to implement Learning through Play in order to effectively meet New Zealand School Curriculum requirements