The webinars below are pre-recorded and available as an on-demand learning option for busy teachers and school leaders.  Please contact Longworth Education if you have any questions related to the content, or are unsure which webinar may be best suited to your learning needs.

Play in the Junior Classroom 3-Part Webinar

An introduction to play pedagogy in Years 0 – 3 for those wishing to learn more about how to use play in their classroom setting. Topics include play theory and research; resourcing for play; noticing, recognising and responding to play urges and their links to the curriculum; timetabling for play and the documentation and assessment of learning in play.

Play in the Upper Primary 3-Part Webinar

An introduction to play and its importance for students in the upper primary years (Years 4 – 8). Topics include play theory and research; play and the New Zealand Curriculum; creating an environment for play; the role of the teacher in student-led play; and the documentation and assessment of play pedagogy in a senior classroom.

The Nitty Gritty: Curriculum & Timetabling in a Play-Based Classroom 3-Part Webinar

A deeper dive into the timetabling of play in busy classrooms to ensure a balance of adult-guided and child-led learning.  This webinar will challenge you to look for more time for play, and assist teachers to understand the New Zealand Curriculum within the context of students’ play experiences.

The Role of The Teacher – 3 Part Webinar

A webinar focused on the role teachers have in supporting child-led learning, and how they ensure the effective use of intentional teaching in play. Topics include understanding the complexity of intentional teaching methods; socio-emotional and problem-solving skill development in play; descriptive commenting techniques; planning and assessing learning and communicating with whānau.

Transition to School

A webinar important for both ECE and Junior School teachers, exploring the use of play to enable the successful transition from ECE to School, and the way in which schools can
“be ready” for new entrant students.

Play-Based Learning & Structured Literacy: Co-Existing in the Primary Classroom

This webinar supports teachers implementing a Structured Literacy approach to provide literacy rich play environments focused on ensuring child-led learning alongside the goals of the classroom literacy program.

Play Invitations 2-Part Webinar

This webinar unpacks the important role play invitations have in supporting students’ urges and interests as they play, as well as assisting teachers to introduce previously unexplored curriculum areas within the play environment.