Our Courses

Longworth Education offers a range of online development options for teachers wishing to learn about and improve on their play-based teaching and learning practices.

These webinars have been developed from our popular face-to-face workshops for a virtual audience. You no longer need to book in times to be released from school or travel long distances.

You now get to choose where, when, and how you listen and learn.

Just loved that it could be accessed at any time, that if I wanted something repeated I could rewind. I could hear it as many times as I wanted. – Angela

All our workshops are crafted and presented by our knowledgeable play advocates at Longworth Education.

We are constantly reflecting and sculpting our content to best address teachers needs, while incorporating new and innovative ways of learning.

Choose from our range of online learning content to find the best fit for you no matter where you are on your learning through play journey.

  • Our Hot-topic talks are hour long intensive peeks into play topics for those teachers who need a quick top-up of knowledge or inspiration.
  • In our Webinars, you will find longer and more in-depth workshops that are broken down into a maximum of three 2hr long sessions. They are packed with research and practical examples to have you ready and prepared to support your play journey.
  • Our Learning Through Play Online Course is for those educators beginning their play journey, and have time and space to dive deeper into the evidence that backs play. This is a self-paced option available over six modules.  All key ingredients of play are broken down and unpacked, and are then followed by recommended readings and practical homework.
  • Our popular Teacher Resources are both downloadable and physical documents that have been tried and tested by play advocates to support your daily practice.

ALL our online workshops come with downloadable slide decks, and supplementary teaching resources. If you are unsure as to what option will suit your learning needs best, please contact us and we are happy to discuss this with you further.