kate webber longworth education

Kate Webber

In-School Consultant & Online Learning Coordinator

Post Graduate Degree in Education (Teaching Primary)

New Zealand Registered Teacher

Bachelor of Design

Kate began her journey into play-based learning in 2015, After introducing play into her classroom and further training with Longworth, Kate stepped out of school to learn and grow. She worked in an early childhood centre that followed the Pikler and RIE philosophy; helped start and facilitate a one-day program in West Auckland with Conscious Kids for kids to play and be in nature; and did further training in Non-Violent Communication.

Kate then went on to become a co-founder of a small alternative school in Auckland called Ako that opened its doors in 2018. In a non-hierarchical team, she helped develop their philosophy around play-based learning, being outdoors, and self-directed education. In 2019 Kate started her own podcast A Shared Curiosity, which has grown into a consultancy that supports the birthing of new progressive initiatives within the education sector in Aotearoa.