Longworth Education is an MoE accredited PLD provider, working across New Zealand in a range of contexts to support teachers play pedagogies in their classrooms. From individual teachers, schools, Kāhui Ako, parent education and the wider education community, Longworth Education can tailor a package to suit your unique professional development needs.

MoE Funded PLD

The MoE regional PLD fund can be used to fund PLD delivered by Longworth Education. We have facilitators endorsed in the provision of cultural capability PLD, as well as localised curriculum and assessment for learning – the current national PLD priorities.

To learn more about this PLD visit their website or contact us for assistance in making your funding application.


Classroom observations, teacher coaching and environment reviews

Using the practice-based coaching PLD model (Aiono, McLaughlin & Riley, 2019) our facilitators visit your school, observe teaching practices and provide feedback about learning through play. As well as providing individual professional development, our feedback is designed to improve school policies, teaching practices and the establishment of environments that support effective learning through play.

Across-School/Kāhui Ako and In-School teacher only days/Workshop Options

Every school has unique needs for teacher support and development. We can design workshop material to specifically address the needs of your school. Workshops can be presented during teacher only days or for a specific team or syndicate within your school. We’ll design the content your team needs to continue the journey of implementing learning through play.


Parent evenings workshops

Your parent community also need support to better understand and accept the value of play in school. Alongside teacher support in the school, we can provide parent evenings or full day parent workshops to achieve this. These presentations are designed to be specific to your wider school community and their learning needs.


Online Coaching

We can provide one-off or ongoing online coaching with classroom teachers, teams and school staff groups to answer any questions related to teaching practice unique to your school context, or to provide new knowledge and skill development for your teaching team by distance. This is a great opportunity for those in more rural locations, based internationally, or who are in ‘hard to reach’ spots.

literacy & play

School Leadership Support

Teaching through play can be challenging for senior leadership when faced with the additional responsibilities of local curriculum design, reporting to BOT, health and safety decisions and parent/whānau engagement. We can support senior leadership to feel confident in moving ahead with their school’s vision and philosophy by providing ongoing research, coaching and peer support.


Custom Teacher/School Support

If you have specific challenges or barriers to overcome, we can design a professional learning and development package to help you move forward when transitioning to a play-based learning approach. We design these packages after talking to your team so we can help you achieve optimal teaching practices within play-based settings.

“The Longworth team has provided professional, supportive guidance across 8 of our Kāhui Ako schools, individually tailoring goals to enhance teaching and learning in play. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and personable, ensuring this PD has been both enjoyable and thought-provoking. The model combination of in-class coaching, Zoom meetings, class observations, and workshops has meant learning is delivered in a well-paced manner catering for where teachers are and supporting them through change. The model is well researched and allows teachers with support, to identify their next learning step and through the Longworth teams expertise work out a plan to help them achieve their goals.

I would thoroughly recommend the team for professional development in your school.”


Lisa Cameron, Junior Team leader, Tairua School
Coromandel Kāhui Ako