Closing Speaker – Dr. Sarah Aiono
Joy of Play Educator’s Conference 2024

Closing Speaker – Dr. Sarah Aiono

Dr. Sarah Aiono

EdD, MEd, PGDip.Ed (SNRT), BEd (Teaching Primary); Neuro Brain Trust Member

CEO, Longworth Education

Sarah is an international speaker, researcher, consultant, teacher coach and passionate play advocate.  She works to lead Longworth Education’s professional development provision in schools across the motu, as well as sitting on a number of advisory boards and committees examining the role of student-led learning in the education system.  She is currently the co-lead investigator of a two-year research project examining the intersection between culturally responsive practices and play pedagogy in New Zealand classrooms.  Sarah is considered one of the leading experts in play pedagogy in Aotearoa New Zealand.  Her career has been dedicated to improving the education journey for all children, but particularly those who do not find school an easy ‘fit’.  Those who have intelligences, skills and dispositions that are sometimes a little harder to recognise, but who have much to contribute and share nevertheless.  She works to champion a better fit for purpose education system that ensures every child leaves school confident in their own talents and strengths and keen to continue the learning journey throughout their adult lives.

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