We are a good bunch of people, that want to support others that are having  a little trouble with Full minds. We are mental health support workers and we are proud of it!

We are genuine, up front kind of people with great boundaries, ready to do good in tough times! We take a trauma informed, strengths based approach to support and love research! We believe all we do should start with evidence based practice.

We find the positives in everyone and use each persons strengths to help them grow. We believe everyone is just as important as everyone else and that equality is a no brainer! (no”titles” here)

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ProjectPlay is a NZ owned and operated family business, based in the sunny Hawke’s Bay. It was born from a desire to reduce plastic toys and replace them with open-ended, “real” play items, that ignite children’s imaginations. We wanted to help other parents discover the many benefits of heuristic play to give their children the best start in life. As a specialty store, we seek play items designed to spark wonder, nurture curiosity, entice exploration & discovery.

We value real, authentic play experiences for children. We are inspired by Montessori, Rudolph Steiner and Pikler philosophies, while also supporting the theory of loose parts. We hope you share our passion and journey, in ensuring our children grow up having real “toys” to play, potter and tinker with.
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Wardini Books is an independent bookshop with a touch of magic.

Run by Louise, (10 years experience teaching at primary and intermediate) and Gareth Ward, a.k.a. The Great Wardini (children’s entertainer, magician and hypnotist) , you’ll find your visit to Wardini Books an experience to remember. Browse, chat, and let us inspire your reading choices.

The Havelock North team are Catt, Amy, Phill and Giselle and their depth and range of knowledge makes it a sure thing that you’ll find your dream read within our walls. Nigel, Adele, Phoebe and Brandi reside over the border at Wardini Books Napier but we’re a flexible lot and you may see any of us either side of the Ngaruroro.

We have a fantastic selection of titles, and it’s our pleasure to give advice and make recommendations. 

We go the extra mile to source books that are difficult to find and are particularly adept at locating ‘the one reviewed by Kim Hill ? I think it has a red cover.’ 
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Sport NZ is a kaitiaki (guardian) of the play, active recreation and sport system in Aotearoa New Zealand.

A central government agency, Sport NZ promotes and supports quality experiences in play, active recreation and sport to improve levels of physical activity and, through this, ensure the greatest impact on wellbeing for all New Zealanders.

The Sport NZ Group also includes High Performance Sport NZ, which leads the high performance sport system, supporting athletes and coaches to deliver performances on the world stage that inspire the nation and its communities, helping to build national identity and promote New Zealand internationally.

Together, Sport NZ and High Performance Sport NZ provide end-to-end leadership of the system. 
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sew your story

Sew Your Story – -Bringing the joy of crafting a story to Tamariki o Aotearoa

Sew Your Story is an innovative programme providing a unique life-learning experience based on traditional machine sewing, hand stitching, use of power tools and many traditional crafting for wider learning:

  • Sew Your Story was established in 2022 with the aim of creative knowledge holders passing on their skills to young New Zealanders in the primary school sector in Te
  • Tai Tokerau who are growing up in a predominantly digital world.
  • Aims to pass on a feel for, and understanding, of how fabric and other tactile materials, when shaped by traditional handcraft techniques, can communicate and support identity, culture, language and literacy.
  • It is for tamariki of all cultures to find their voice, tell their story, find commonalities yet express their individuality.

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The Footgetspinner is a silent fidgeting tool that offers an outlet for excess energy.

It is designed to sit under the table, where one can put their feet onto two pads and can swing back and forth, tilt and turn and swivel around.

A Footgetspinner helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and boredom, helping especially ADHD kids in school to accomplish greater focus. The silent fidget tool also enables movement while sitting, therefore producing more blood flow to the brain and allowing greater productivity and concentration.

If you experience Restless Legs, Stress or Anxiety or Nervous Tension and Fidgeting, the Footgetspinner might be the right tool for you.

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